lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

MW's dictionary

Good morning!!! I have had an idea for my blog. I wanted it to have some different kinds of entries. First day I wrote about grammar and second day I explained St John's Eve (something traditional and easy to compare within both countries/cultures). So, what I'm going to write today is about words that we could find in the dictionary, but we don't use them much (even anything) as we are not used to them. I'll give some examples and also I will give the translation into Spanish.
Talking about dictionaries, I would like to say that the one I like most is . It is amazing. They give you the translation into your own language (French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese), there's also an option for the definition, and the best about it is there's a forum where people all around the world (even natives) try to clarify your doubts. And another astonishing part of it, is the dictionary of synonyms. You should take a look to the page and find out everything it has!!!
In this section, I'll get the definition of the chosen word from and then, I'll try to get some open forum discussions from so we will be able to take a look to both dictionaries.
Well, there's another fine dictionary in the net: this is from Longman. The definitions are on English and sometimes, it shows you an image of the word you are looking for.
Ok, after this introduction, let's see the first word of the section!!
(from MW's)
  1. Adjective
  2. easy to do or understand not complicated
    Using the computer program is fairly straightforward.
    The instructions are straightforward.
  3. honest and open
    He was very straightforward with us.
    She gave a straightforward account of what happened.
  • comparative /superlative form: more straightforward than/ the most straightforward
  • derived forms
    • adverb: straightforwardly: She spoke straightforwardly about what happened
    • noun: straightforwardness: 

Buenos días!!! He tenido una idea para el blog. Quería tener diferentes tipos de entradas y pensé en ésta. El primer día escribí sobre gramática, el segundo sobre algo tradicional comparándolo en ambos países y culturas. Y hoy, lo que quiero es coger una palabra del diccionario (palabras poco empleadas por los estudiantes y los no nativos porque al no usarlas con frecuencia, nos resultan difíciles). Tomaré la definición (en inglés) del merriam webster y sus ejemplos. Luego, si me parece que hay algo interesante en el wordreference, os pondré un enlace.
Sobre los diccionarios me gustaría decir que el que más uso es el wordreference, porque me parece completísimo. Los foros ayudan muchísimo y resuelven muchas dudas porque contesta gente de todo el mundo, nativos incluídos. Hay varios idiomas. A mí, particularmente me gusta mucho.
Otro que también está bien es el de Longman. Vale la pena echarle un vistazo.

¿Alguna palabra/expresión que os gustase que consultásemos?  
C U!!!

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